Friday, August 13, 2010

My new obsession - Steampunk-inspired soaps!

Since hubby and I moved into our townhouse, I have wanted to redecorate the upstairs bathroom. Until recently, I had no idea HOW I wanted to do that, except that I hate it as it looks now. And then it came to me... I would do a steampunk-inspired bathroom!

If you would like to know what "steampunk" is, you can click HERE.

Now, I tend to like a more ladylike, Victorian type of steampunk, so think less gears, and more damask. Currently this redecorating project is only in the theoretical phase, but when (if?) it ever gets finished, I'll post some pictures here.

In the meantime, as my brain is obsessed with all things Victorian & steampunk-y, I came up with a new line of soaps. Some are pictured here. For the entire collection, you can go to:
The Steampunk Collection

For more beautiful steampunk-y things, you can follow my new tumblr blog, Steampunkbathroomquest!

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