Wednesday, April 8, 2009


HI there, and welcome to a new series of blog postings where I point out my favorite up-and-coming, obscure or interesting etsy sites. I'm calling it, "I HEART THIS SHOP!"

For the first new etsy shop I'm promoting, let me introduce you to Debi's Doodles. I saw her avatar in a newbie chat, clicked over to her shop, and fell madly in lurve with this bunny:

This is NOT A PRINT, it is an original acrylic painting on an 8x10 canvas panel, and it is currently on sale for an incredibly good price. If someone had gotten this for me for my birthday last month, I would have died from cuteness overload!

She does have prints for sale, again for really, really good prices. If I had a toddler, these two would be up on the walls in his or her room:

A little about Debi from her shop profile...

"Hi, my name is Debi and I am a doodle-holic. It started way back for me when I use to trace my little plastic animals on paper. Then one day I was reckless enough to go free hand at a tender age. Back in the day, I would waste away my whole Saturday morning watching cartoons and drawing until I passed out, just kidding. I did draw my little heart out though and alot of heart into it as well.Fast forward to now, I still love drawing, painting, making all kinds of fun creations and watching cartoons of course."

So everyone, please go check out Debi's shop at If you don't go "AWWWWW", you probably don't have a soul. ;p

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